Kenneth William Williams (23287075)

Branch roles: Grenadier Branch Member

Regimental number: 23287075

Service dates: 1956-1959 (TBC)


Ken was born on 19 August 1937.

He joined the Grenadier Guards at Caterham, Surrey, England in February 1956.

His Regimental Number was 23287075.

After basic training in LSgt McLean’s squad he moved to Pirbright, Surrey, England and then to Pickering, Yorkshire, England for further training before joining The Queen’s Company of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards at Hubbelrath, Dusseldorf, Germany where he became the Adjutant’s orderly to Captain BC Gordon-Lennox.

Ken returned to Chelsea Barracks, London, England with the 1st Battalion and was involved in Public Duties until his demobilisation.

Before joining the Regiment, Ken trained at Cannock Chase, England with the Forestry Commission and after serving had spells at both Coventry, England and the Air Ministry at Manston, Kent, England. Ken later became a tree surgeon with Seeboard in East Kent, England where he stayed until early retirement after 31 years.

Hobbies are gardening, local history, walking and bird watching.

In 1996 Ken was elected to carry the Branch Banner on parade. This was a task he did with great pride for many years before passing the privilege on to a younger man.


Ken is our sole surviving member from the days when the Branch was named the Dover sub-branch.  He is also our longest serving Kent Branch member – 54 years, so far (1969-2023).