George Henry Pritchard (2628726)

Branch roles: Grenadier Branch Member

Regimental number: 2628726

Service dates: 1946-1958


George Henry Pritchard was born in 1928 and enlisted into the Grenadier Guards on 1 April 1946.

His Army Form B.108 (Regular Army Certificate of Service), commonly called “The Red Book”, records that his military conduct was exemplary and that he was employed for most of his service as a dispatch rider; something he did very well indeed. He gained plenty of experience with motor bicycles.  It records that he is a likeable, hardworking man who has a cheerful and sensitive outlook on life.

On 10 July 1952 and after 6 years 100 days Service with the Colours, George transferred to the Army Reserve. He served on the Reserve for a further 5 years 265 days, giving him total service of 12 years. He was discharged on 31 March 1958 with the rank of Guardsman.

During his service, he served at home (UK) from 1 April 1946 until 7 August 1947 (1 year 129 days). He then served from 8 August 1947 until 18 May 1948 (285 days) with Middle East Land Forces (MELF), then from 19 May 1948 until 15 August 1950 (2 years and 89 days) in Tripoli.  From 16 August 1950 until 9 July 1952 (1 year 328 days) he served at home again.

George served on an active service posting with MELF from 8 August 1947 until 15 August 1950.

He was awarded the General Service Medal (Palestine).