Op Restore: The Veterans Physical Health and Wellbeing Service – the new name for the Veterans Trauma Network

The Veterans Trauma Network (VTN) is now called Op RESTORE: The Veterans Physical Health and Wellbeing Service. This brings the service in line with other Armed Forces healthcare services provided by the NHS in England, Op COURAGE: The Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Service; Op NOVA; Supporting Veterans in the Justice System and, most recently Op COMMUNITY; Armed Forces Community Support,helping to build a recognisable suite of services.

The decision to rename the VTN, Op RESTORE, was informed by engagement with veterans, providers and charities over several months and we hope it will encourage people to feel confident in the NHS referral pathways. Whilst there are some things that the NHS will not be able to restore in full, we aim to support veterans to restore their health and quality of life as best we can.

Op RESTORE is a service for anyone who has served at least one day in the UK Armed Forces and, as a result of their service, acquired a significant, lasting physical illness or injury. Op RESTORE will continue to accept only GP referrals; GPs can obtain a referral form by emailing imperial.oprestore@nhs.net

Op RESTORE uses a network of both civilian and military consultants, along with welfare support from military charities, to support a veteran’s health using a holistic approach. Whilst Op RESTORE cannot shorten NHS waiting times, it seeks to ensure the veteran ‘waits well’ and is seen by the most appropriate clinician for their needs.

For more information, visit www.nhs.uk/armedforceshealth