George Albert Mills (22545771)

Branch roles: Grenadier Branch Member

Regimental number: 22545771

Service dates: 1953-1956

It is our sad duty to record the death of George Albert Mills (Grenadier Guards), who passed away on the early afternoon of Sunday 21 August 2022, aged 87.

George was born on 31 March 1935 and served in the Grenadier Guards from 1953 to 1956.


George joined the Grenadier Guards on 22 April 1953 at Caterham, England, and was given the Regimental Number 22545771.

He went to the 14th Company, where he trained under the watchful eye of Lance Sergeant “Bull” Whitehead.

From there George went to Pirbright and at the end of training he joined the 3rd Battalion in Chelsea Barracks, London.

He served on Public Duties until March 1954 and then became a Regimental Cook under the Master Cook, who was Colour Sergeant Parker.

George moved from Chelsea Barracks to Victoria Barracks, Windsor in 1955 where he continued to serve until his “demob” on 22 April 1956.

He was recalled to duty during the Suez crisis, but never deployed there.

He was a loyal, regular attending member of Branch meeting and he and his late wife, Betty (who died January 2010), often came to Branch functions, liked to attend Grenadier Day and Regimental Remembrance Day with a coach pickup at Canterbury.

George served the East Kent Branch Grenadier Guards Association as Branch Photographer for many years, and had been a Branch member for as long as we can remember.

George didn’t drive, so was always heavily reliant on other members bringing him in from his home in Blean, near Canterbury.  A fellow Grenadier, named Wally Horton, lived nearby, and would drive George to meetings with him.  When Wally died in 2005, George was then only able to attend meetings infrequently, but always paid his Branch subscription fee, was very proud of his military service, and always appeared pleased to receive telephone calls from the Hon. Secretary.

George’s health had not been good for many years and, among other ailments, he had several angina and heart attacks, especially over the years of his later life.  Earlier in 2022, he was admitted to the Kent & Canterbury Hospital, subsequently moving into a Nursing Home in Cliftonville, Kent.  His health deteriorated and he was readmitted to the Kent and Canterbury Hospital in Canterbury, Kent, where he passed away some days after being admitted.