Trevor Jones MBE (24141044)

Branch roles: Assistant Secretary and Branch Banner Carrier

Regimental number: 24141044

Service dates: 1968-1994


Trevor Jones MBE joined the Grenadier Guards, as a Junior Guardsman, in September 1968. He served in the 1st and 2nd Battalions and at the Guards Depot, Pirbright (two tours),  at NITAT BAOR, in Sennelager, and with 8 UDR in Cookstown, Northern Ireland.

He started his Battalion service as a drummer in Chelsea and Hong Kong, but switched to the duty companies for tours in Cyprus and Belize. He was a member of the Guards Freefall Parachute Tem 1977-80 and enjoyed trips to USA, Kenya  and Cyprus. As Gunnery NCO of the 1st Battalion in Munster in 1989-90 he made a major contribution to training the battalion in the art of firing the Warrior’s Raden cannon, thereby laying the foundations of skill and confidence which were to prove so important in the Gulf War.

A keen shot and all round sports enthusiast, he switched his attendion from parachuting to skiing and from contact sports to cribbage and snooker.

Trevor was discharged in 1994 and can claim 26 years service (23 years regular Army plus 3 years in the HAC). He then became the RSM of St. Lawrence College CCF, in Ramsgate, Kent and served in that role for several years. After so many years service in a variety of employments he richly deserved his MBE and was one of the few soldiers of his generation to achieve two rows of medals.

Trevor joined the Branch on 20 July 2012 and soon became a willing volunteer.

He took on role of Deputy Chairman in March 2013 and took on the role of Banner Carrier and Assistant Hon. Secretary on Sunday 19 March 2017.