Our next Annual Dinner is on Saturday 14 September 2024.

Many of our Kent Branch members, the widows of former Branch members and our many “Friends of the Branch” will book in for this event and we look forward to meeting together on the night.

Additionally, we welcome applications from fellow Grenadiers and the widows of former Grenadiers irrespective of whether they are, or are not, living or working in Kent, or are members of our Branch or the wider Association.

We also welcome applications from our many ‘Friends of the Branch’.

Please ensure you have applied for places before our cut off date of 06 September 2024.

Once a Grenadier, Always a Grenadier!

If you are eligible to attend and want to be added to our planning list, don’t hesitate to contact the Events Coordinator, or send your details to us via our Contact Us page.  Please do that ASAP and we will send you more details.

  • Venue: The Masonic Hall, Windmill Street, Hythe, Kent  CT21 6BH
  • Timings: 1830- until 2300 hours
  • Order of Dress: Lounge Suit or Blazer and Slacks for gentlemen, and Cocktail style dress for ladies.
  • Entertainment: “One For The Road”