Whislt at the Association Secretary’s Meeting and Annual General Meeting on Saturday 25 March 2023, Dave Coote, who is a Grenadier In Pensioner at the Royal Hospital Chelsea (RHC), briefed the assembled with regards the eligibility and criteria required to become an In Pensioner.

The RHC is the home of the iconic Chelsea Pentioners, and is home to over 300 male and female retired soldiers of the British Army.

Dave explained the basic criteria, gave detail on the many things that the RHC offers and supplied the details for Greta Kendall, the RHC Admissions Officer.

There will be other Grenadiers, or other retired soldiers of the British Army, that would benefit from becoming an In Pensioner at the RHC.

If this is the case, or you want to find out more detail, visit  https://www.chelsea-pensioners.co.uk/become-chelsea-pensioner, or call Greta on 0207 881 5204 to discuss the matter.

Visit https://www.chelsea-pensioners.co.uk for more detail on the Royal Hospital Chelsea.